Genealogy of Jesus

The Genealogy of Jesus

Why do Jews reject Jesus as their Messiah (Moshiach)?  One reason is because of his geneology. Isaiah 11, Jeremiah 30, Jeremiah 23, Jeremiah 33 and Ezekeil 37 are some of the prophets ho tell that the Moshiach will be a descendent of King David. Christians have accepted that the genealogies of Luke 3 and Matthew 1 are correct - however, they have some glaring errors.

The first error is that the two are completely different.  Christians explain that Matthew's genealogy for Jesus goes through Joseph and Luke's genealogy for Jesus goes through Mary.  Next:

Matthew's genealogy for Jesus

Firstly, according to Christian theology, Mary was a virgin and G-d gave her Jesus.  So, why does it even matter what Joseph's genealogy is?  If you were adopted, whose genealogy would you go by - your real parents or your adopted parents?  It's the former.  Whether or not one is adopted, they get the genealogy of the real parents - the birth parents.  Now, if you choose to believe the false premise that Mary was a virgin and Joseph wasn't the father (by the way, the virgin birth story was common in pagan religions - Christians adopted it to make it more palatable for pagans so that they could become Christians), then you would have to go by G-d's genealogy, but he doesn't have one, right?  Furthermore, in Jeremiah 22:28-30, G-d swears that Jeconiah will never have anyone that will sit on the throne of David.  OOOPS!  Jeconiah is in Joseph's genealogy.  That's a bit of a mistake, wouldn't you say?  Notice Jeconiah's offspring too - Shealtiel and Zerubbabel.

Luke's genealogy for Jesus 

Christians maintain that the genealogy shown in Luke is for that of Mary.  Firstly, if it's Mary's genealogy, why doesn't it show her in it?  It shows Joseph in it, but there is nothing about Mary.  Secondly, as far as I know there is not one instance in the Tanach where a person's genealogy is given through their mother.  Thirdly, 1 Chronicles 17: 11-14 talks about Solomon and that the "king" will be his descendent - "Mary's" genealogy doesn't go through Solomon, it goes through Nathan.  Fourthly, Shealtiel and Zerubbabel are common in this genealogy, and we know that the Moshiach can't be their descendent.

I know this isn't stuff you want to hear, but it's the truth, based on Christian theology.  Being a descendent of David is central to being Moshiach.  So therefore, how can it be at all possible for Jesus to have been Moshiach?